弗朗西斯在位于康涅狄格州的Rumsey Hall-学校任职长达30年。Rumsey Hall是一所K-9的走读兼寄宿学校,有来自12个国家的335名学生。身为副校长,弗朗西斯主管学校的战略外联及对学生的经济资助, 负责与国际家庭的联络,与成千上万的家庭协作,共同致力于孩子的教育,与学校一同努力发展。弗朗西斯毕业于Phillips Academy (菲利普斯学院-马萨诸塞州)Connecticut College(康涅狄格学院),主修人类学和拉美研究,是荣誉毕业生。他也是四年文学作品奖得主, 和学校的划艇冠军划手。他在Wesleyan University (卫斯理大学)完成了美国研究的研究生学习,并获得了University of Connecticut (康涅狄格大学)MBA学位。


1998年,他被日本-美国教育委员会授予福布莱特奖,并担当日本教育部的研究咨询。2009年,他获得了威廉b . Bretnall奖——此奖项由美国私校理事会每年颁发给一位在私校录取方面做出重大贡献的领导者和教育家。


他还曾参与SSAT考试的改革以及开发申请学校的统一应用程序 (Common Application)。他还曾获得洛佩斯基金会(Lopez Low Foundation)的赞助,该基金使他得以去哥斯达黎加、古巴,并在美国各地研究和咨询中学和高等教育机构的项目设计。2013, 弗朗西斯和同事一起成立了SingOut ! 它是康涅狄格州的第一个非营利性的青少年合唱团。他还出任过美国赛艇和女子少年组国家赛艇队委员会的代表。







拉姆齐礼堂学校位于康涅狄格州,是一所男女混校的K-9的走读兼寄宿学校。 2017-18学年招收了来自12个国家的335名学生。学校的教育宗旨是整体教育:学术教育及品格教育。诚实,善良,尊重他人是学校的核心价值体系和文化

Francis M. Ryan


In Francis’ almost 30 years at Rumsey Hall (Connecticut), he has been responsible for secondary school counseling and placement, working with thousands of families. As assistant headmaster, he coordinates the school’s strategic outreach efforts, is the director of financial aid, and serves as the liaison connecting international families to the school’s advancement efforts. Fran is a graduate of Phillips Academy (Massachusetts) and Connecticut College, where he majored in anthropology and Hispanic studies and graduated with honors. He was also a four-year letter winner, award-winner, and champion oarsman. He completed graduate work in American studies at Wesleyan University and earned his MBA in management from the University of Connecticut.


In 1998 he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship from the Japan-United States Education Commission to study and consult with the Japanese Ministry of Education. In 2009 he was awarded the William B. Bretnall Award given each year to a leader and educator who has made significant contributions to the field of admission from the Enrollment Management Association.


He has also served on several task forces relating to the evolution of the SSAT and the development of the Standard Application Online. He has also been awarded several grants for study from the Lopez Low Foundation, CA, which have taken him to Costa Rica, Cuba and throughout the USA exploring and consulting with secondary and higher education institutions in program design.


He is a frequent speaker at institutes in Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo as well as all throughout Asia. Fran is currently studying in certificate programs at Columbia University, NY and the Princeton Theological Seminary, NJ.


Rumsey Hall School



Rumsey Hall School is an independent, coed junior boarding and day school located in Washington, Connecticut. The 2017-2018 School population is made up of 335 Students from 26 local communities, 12 states and 12 countries. Rumsey Hall School is committed to a whole-child approach to education and believes that teaching academics and teaching an attitude of mind are of equal importance. Honesty, kindness and respect are not only the core values of Rumsey, but also the culture.